Vanessa Hudgens Strips Down for Candie’s

Following in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens has become the new face of Candie’s and her first campaign has finally been released. 

Wearing nothing more than a cute bra and panty set with an awesome pair of heels, the ads feature Vanessa standing in a bedroom in front of an ironing board. The images have caused a bit of controversy in the blogosphere because of its resemblance to the common 1950’s advertisement of the pretty housewife doing chores with perfectly coiffed hair and make-up. And while I did agree at first glance, upon further inspection my opinion has veered toward team Candie’s. 

The first thing to note here, however, is that Vanessa looks amazing! The 22-year-old actress/singer has a bangin’ body and is clearly not afraid to hide it. The second, is yes, Candie’s made it appear that if you wear their tighty whities you’ll look as sexy as Vanessa does for your beau while ironing his clothes. But, when you start to look around at Vanessa’s surroundings, things start to change. She is clearly standing a girl’s bedroom and in the background you can spot a closet full of girl’s clothes and a collection of shoes. So those jeans on the ironing board have got to be her own, and do not belong to some guy (but who irons jeans anyway!). 

Moral of the story is, let’s not jump to conclusions. Candie’s is not trying to tell your teenage kids or siblings that they should be housewives, they are simply saying they should iron their cothes and look super cute and have fun while doing it (okay, so my point isn’t very strong… I’m clearly not sure what exactly Candie’s was trying to say here). 

I’m definitely curious to see how Vanessa measures up to Britney in these Candie’s campaigns. But so far, it looks as though they are going in a very different direction than they did with Britney, which is probably the best way to go (no one wants to be compared to Ms. Spears!). 

Other photos from the campaign feature Vanessa sitting on a bed (still in her underwear), and fully clothed while spilling milk at a refrigerator. 

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