Tom Cruise to Reprise Les Grossman?

Foul-mouthed Les Grossman, brought to life by Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder could well have his own movie.

The popular character from the 2008 hit spoof made a guest appearance at the MTV Movie Awards last weekend, working his trademark dance moves opposite Jennifer Lopez. Could it have been a dress rehearsal? It seems likely, as Paramount confirmed earlier this week that Cruise is in talks with the studio to reprise his role.

 But who would direct a film about a short-tempered, cut-throat producer extraordinaire? While that’s yet to be officially decided, there are rumblings none other than Tropic Thunder producer Ben Stiller will be at the helm. Stiller, who also starred in the film, is said to be “honoured” to tell the tale of Les Grossman’s life story. 

 “Les Grossman’s life story is an inspiring tale of the classic human struggle to achieve greatness against all odds,” Stiller explains. “He has assured me he plans to quote, ‘F—— kill the s— out of this movie and make Citizen f—— Kane look like a piece of crap home movie by the time we are done.'”

The comedy duo is clearly enthusiastic about the new film, which is officially an “untitled project” in association with Paramount and MTV films, but Cruise will have a lot on his plate this month. He stars alongside Cameron Diaz in the flick Knight and Day, which hits theatres June 23rd. The action-comedy reunites the Vanilla Sky co-stars, and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser offering plenty of action, laughs and sexual tension. But will the rumoured Les Grossman biopic draw the same interest?

Would you watch?



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