The Tiny Braid Trend Continues

Since 2012, braids have been all the rage. And while they’ve evolved from the Lauren Conrad of 2010, salons like Marc Anthony have helped braids evolve. How, you ask? (Are you asking? You better be.) Through the Braid Bar.

Correct: the salon will now dedicate a chunk of their business to braids only, courtesy of a “braid menu” that offers fishtails, halos, waterfalls, French braids, and any other braid you can imagine.

“The possibility of a braid is endless, really,” said Marc Anthony. “They can make a real statement taking centre stage; they can twist and wind into intricate weaves; they can give your hair just a touch of embellishment, or even a bit of play . . . underneath a dissheveled look.”

Hollywood, of course, has been the forerunner of the braid trend. Stars like Scarlett Johanssen, Jennifer Lawrence, and Blake Lively have become quite the braid aficionados, which prove that the look won’t be going anywhere next year.

So if you live in the Toronto area, and feel like treating yourself, the Marc Anthony Braid Services are available at both Toronto locations, and start at $20. Go for it! Don’t be a-braid. (Get it? Sounds like “afraid.” Here all week, everyone!)

Here are shots from the Marc Anthony Braid Bar:

braid bar

braided hair

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