Taylor Swift in Talks with Glee

Country crooner Taylor Swift is the latest singer to be in talks with Glee. It seems she, like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, wants an entire episode dedicated to her songs. 

“There have been conversations, and when those happen with all these new opportunities, it usually comes down to scheduling,” said Taylor. “I’m a huge fan of the show, and I think it showcases music in a great way, so I would be really excited if anything were to happen there.”

As a non Taylor Swift fan, I’m not too sure about this episode. I actually think the Glee kids would make her songs a bit better in their own renditions of “Fifteen,” “Love Story,” or “Teardrops on my Guitar.” But still, a Taylor Swift episode might be a bit much. A Country Music episode would be more enchanting. 

But, what a better way to promote her new album? With the success of Glee, I’m sure a myriad of pop stars are hoping to have guest spots on the show, let alone an episode dedicated to their music. The Glee kids could sing a couple of singles off her new album, Speak (to be released on October 25th), and cause some extra buzz.

I think it would be much more interesting if Taylor was a guest star on the show. Of course, she’s not a very good actress (I still haven’t gotten over her horrendous performance in Valentine’s Day), but after being linked to Glee star, Cory Montieth earlier this year, they could definitely pop her in an episode and give Rachel (Lea Michele’s character) a run for her money, and cause a bit of an uproar in the Hollywood rumour mill. 

And let’s be real people. Britney Spears, Taylor Swift is not. Lets leave these Glee episodes for the big wigs, otherwise I can see things for this show going downhill very quickly. 

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