Target Canada Seeks LEED Certificate

In 2013, we will embrace the wonder that is Target Canada. But do you know what LEED is? And more importantly — or perhaps equally so — do you know that Target is trying to get their LEED certificate?

First, know that it’s a great thing. Target is pursuing Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification for all stores in Canada, which means that design plans will include water conservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, limiting waste, and other great features. Amazing, right? That, and the design will reportedly spill out into product as well, so that what Target is selling also honours its (hopeful) LEED attribution.

“We take our role as good corporate citizen very seriously, and we’re proud that Target is making a firm commitment to sustainability in Canada,” President of Target Canada, Tony Fisher said. “Striving for LEED certification at our 124 stores opening in 2013 is important as we seek to use our resources responsibly and maintain the health of our communities.”

Pretty cool! And so we have yet another reason to get psyched for next year, and more specifically, Target stores.

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