Study Says Women Reach Their Peak at Age 31

Forget fresh-faced youth and the trendy twenties; according to a new survey, 31 is the average age a woman is in her prime “ and gorgeous 31-year-old actress Zoe Saldana could be the poster girl for this study, no? Other 31-year-old hotties include Kate Hudson, Lake Bell, Norah Jones and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The study, conducted in the U.K. with more than 2,000 men and women, and found that beauty is as much to do with confidence as it is looks, and women seem to ace both of those things by the time they’re 31. Although the average British woman is married with one child at the age of 31, the years of dodging fashion faux-pas are behind them, and generally speaking, they are more established in their careers and happier in their relationships, which all adds up to them being sexier than ever.

But 31 isn’t the limit to a woman’s sex appeal; it appears it’s just the beginning. 37-year old Cameron Diaz graces the front of August’s Harper’s Bazaar explaining how great it feels growing up sexy.

“Oh, I feel so much more attractive now, a thousand percent. I’m appreciating my skin and my wrinkles and all those thing because you cannot stop aging, you can’t¦ Your body definitely does change, but the more I work on my body at this age, the better it gets,” she explains.

What do you think? Is 31 really the new 21?

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