Streep and Bullock’s Moment of Magic

It may not be as scandalous as the Madonna-Britney publicity stunt circa 2003, but Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep stole the Critics’ Choice Awards after they staged a one minute break up (well, no “ but a moment of anger nonetheless) and make up after tying for Best Actress.

After their wins were announced (Streep for Julie and Julia; Bullock for The Blind Side), the ladies took to the stage as Bullock announced the tie was bulls”t! laughing as she grabbed her co-winner by the face and planted a passionate kiss of camaraderie on the veteran actress.  Hilarity ensued as the awards show that few people pay attention to suddenly made headlines.  (Come on “ we all know the Critics’ Choice would be overlooked had it not been for this moment of wonder.)

What’s awesome is that had it been two younger Maxim-esque actresses in the same situation, headlines and countless top ten lists would have been made.  However, since both Bullock and Streep are Hollywood heavyweights (I think we were all slightly surprised at Sandra’s ability to kick thespian butt in The Blind Side), their stunt went from staged and desperate to hilarious and fantastic, with many of us hell yes-ing to their disregard for standard (read: boring) award show behaviour.

Now how the Golden Globes will fare against the Streep-Bullock moment ˜o awesome remains to be seen.

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