How to Find Your Perfect White Shirt

How to shop for one

The most important thing when shopping for your perfect white shirt is willingness to try on different styles and see what works for you. You want it to be fitted to your body, not so tight that the buttons are pulling, and not so baggy that you can’t see your shape. A rule of thumb if it doesn’t fit every part of you? Pick the size that fits the largest part of you, and bring it to a tailor to take it in. The result? A shirt that is made especially for you”at a fraction of the price.  

Who looks good in it

Everyone! There are just a couple of things to keep in mind for different body types. Bigger-busted gals shouldn’t button all the way up, as it could make them look disproportionate, while smaller-chested ladies can go for higher necklines, as it will only enhance their chest. If you’re looking to hide any trouble areas, a structured shirt that cuts in at your smallest part is your best bet.

What to pair it with

The beauty of the perfect white shirt is that it looks good with just about everything. Polish off jeans and heels with a crisp white button-up and some sweet accessories that take denim from day to night. Tuck it in to a pencil skirt for a sleek office look, pair it with a suit for meetings and interviews or layer it under a sweater for a preppy look.

White shirt care

Wash in cold water with other whites and lay flat or hang to dry. To finish off, and make wrinkles disappear, use a steamer. It’s a great alternative to an iron, because shirts come out looking fresh but not overdone or stiff.

How to prevent it from looking dingy

Although most people would look to bleach to keep their whites bright, it can actually wear away the material and end up making clothes look scraggly and worn-out. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar works great as a spot treatment to lift stains away (and makes a satisfying fizzy sound). And baking soda added to your laundry load keeps clothes white naturally. 



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