Fall Fashion’s New Neutrals

With every season comes a new roster of neutrals, and while some are tried and true, this fall, a new spectrum of shades have been re-introduced that go with anything, everything and all things in-between.  While black’s in a league of its own and whites remains tried and true, an array of neutrals have been re-introduced that work perfectly alongside the hottest trends of the season.  So here’s your guide to the new neutrals and how to make them work for you.

While the last thing you want to do is emerge head-to-toe in a camel-coloured or nude ensemble (the safari look has come and gone), to use the eternal neutral to bring pieces together is one of the best ways to look current this season.  Because subdued shades are dominating most of fall 2010, to balance the bleakness of blacks or greys with a lighter tone will prevent you from looking extreme in any capacity. 

Pair a camel coloured jacket with black jeggings, or invest in a nude leather bomber that works with a printed scarf or dark great sweater dress.  And while statement bags may seem reserved for patterns, bright colours or something flashy, nothing makes more of an impact than a structured flesh-toned bag.

Olive green
While summertime evoked bright colours and bold prints, autumn 2010’s flair for military brings out the olive and army greens “ ideal counterparts for the black leather minis or shoulder-heavy jackets currently inundating seasonal collections.

However, unlike camel tones, green can stand a little more on its own.  Meaning?  An oversize olive sweater paired with patterned black tights and ankle boots doesn’t require the balance of wearing another piece overtop. Or wear the shade head-to-toe in a dress like Drew Barrymore has done here.  Unlike whites and nudes, olive’s darkness stays true to fall’s affinity for the less-than-bright and becomes a focal point.

Heather grey offers a delicate look that worn as a button-up, dresses up an otherwise casual ensemble, while darker shades like charcoal offer a dramatic aesthetic that can apply to business, evening or afternoon wear.  What’s best is that unlike most neutrals, you can wear varying tones of grey simultaneously and not look monotone or over-the-top “ a light grey t-shirt with a dark oversize cardigan will keep you looking effortless, while paired with a bold colour like red (say, tank top and blazer) will add drama.

Brown is like black “ a shade that’s timeless and consistently suitable, and while you may not want to wear the colour head-to-toe, it’s one that matches nearly everything. Brown is a fresher take than black and this fall, use it as a base for jackets, blazers, sweaters and boots. This season, brown sweater and shirt-dresses are a great update, as are brown handbags and military-style boots.

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