Styling Tricks for Rainboots

Spring has just about sprung, and there’s no way around the puddles that warm weather brings.

Gumboots aren’t just for working on the farm, and have made some major upgrades. No longer do you need to have wet feet to look cute skipping over the puddles, but rainboots are appearing in every colour and pattern imaginable, taking care of the style portion for you.

Save your spring flats for the sunshine, and give your well-worn leather boots from the winter a much-deserved break.

With loud prints and colours popping up, what to wear with rainboots might feel as complicated as walking in the rain without an umbrella.

On the bottom, keep to tailored, skinny fits. Nothing looks more rained-out than a bulky trouser pant, or a wide-legged denim squished into your rainboots. No-fail options are leggings, or if your rainboots are a neutral colour, try wearing Spring’s favourite bright-coloured skinny denim.

Skirts are a great feminine option to wear with rainboots, and because the weather isn’t too warm yet, cover your legs with a coordinating colour of tights. Contrasting colours work well too to give your lower half a splash of colour on a grey day.

Try not to go overboard with the matching. For instance, if your boots are yellow, avoid a equally yellow raincoat. Look for complementary colours. A navy blue blazer with a striped oxford shirt lets bright feet do the talking.

Similarly, wear your rainboots with a classic trench to stay polished. Neutral colours like khaki, beige, grey and black will look chic while letting your feet make a bold statement. On the other hand, pair a coloured trench in red with a navy and white polka-dotted rainboot, or a pink trench with black and white patterned rainboots

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