The Secret Behind Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is made from natural and finely ground minerals from the earth that are free of the potentially irritating ingredients found in other cosmetics (like talc, fragrance or synthetic colours or preservatives). Not only does it make your skin look flawless it has some health benefits too. The minerals in the makeup are said to provide your body with some forms of antioxidants and protection from the sun. The makeup acts as a shield for your face so it won’t get damaged from the sun on a daily basis”it’s not recommended as a stand in for regular SPF sunscreens though. With all this in mind how do you know if mineral makeup is the right way to go?

Acne Prone Skin
Is your face acne prone? Research states that mineral makeup is great for people with acne prone skin because they lack the fillers regular cosmetics have. When covering up your face with regular concealer and foundation you are clogging the pimple and not allowing it to properly breathe. When using a mineral based foundation it covers the blemish without further irritating it which means in the long run it won’t cause more breakouts.  For a light to medium complexion try Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Concealer in Summer Bisque ($18 at Murale) to ensure all those unwanted blemishes don’t go uncovered.

Oily Skin
For those ladies who have oily skin the beauty regimen for mineral makeup is a bit different”we don’t want cakey skin! Here’s the trick, look for a mineral makeup that contains certain minerals that combat your oily skin such as silica, oat powder, cornstarch, silk powder and bentonite clay. These components help absorb your skins natural oil and help the makeup appear even and flawless avoiding cakey lumps. Since most mineral makeup are developed to be used for a multitude of skin types using an oil control setting or finishing powder helps your skin. The best rule of thumb is to use blotting papers before reapplying your makeup to ensure the excess oil and dirt from throughout the day doesn’t accumulate on your face. For a finishing touch try Jane Iredale’s Loose Finish Powder as it contains rice powder which will absorb the excess oil.  (Price upon request)

Dry Skin
We all know flaky dry skin is less then to be desired and even after those cold winter months are gone your skin is still dry as ever. For those with a dry skin type start off by applying a moisturizer to your face to ensure your makeup goes on smooth. You can even try mixing your foundation with your favourite moisturizer to have your own DIY tinted moisturizer. This method will keep your skin hydrated yet give it the hint of colour and coverage you desire. More importantly your beauty routine pre-makeup is probably the area to target because keeping your skin hydrated and clean will allow for an easier makeup application”and it will look better too. For a fool proof routine try Pé¼r Minerals Mineral Moisture Infusion, ($34 at select Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutiques) that is said to quench your thirsty skin by using green tea and vitamin E extracts.

For the ladies with problem free skin when it comes to mineral makeup anything goes. The key is to find the right shades for your complexion and develop a beauty regime that works for you. If you’re the type of person who likes a simple and fresh look loose powder is a great product. Sweep on a little bronzing loose powder on the apple of your cheeks for a slight glow that is perfect for a simple day look. If you’re looking for something more for everyday start with a foundation that is light in coverage so you don’t find yourself looking too made up.  Aren’t sure if mineral makeup is the right way to go or even what shade is best for you? Try the BareMinerals Get Started Kit ($60 at Murale) that includes products to get you from start to finish and even the brushes to put it on.

Even though mineral makeup boasts many greats things for all different skin types there is still some ingredients that could potentially bother even the most sensitive of skin. If you’re in the market for a new makeup regime do a little research first to ensure you buy the best quality product for your skin type.


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