Mr. Schu gets a Record Deal

Matthew Morrison (A.K.A Mr. Schu) of Glee fame has finally gotten himself with a record deal. Morrison recently signed with Mercury records and is scheduled to release his debut solo album as soon as this Fall.

Glee definitely has a great marketing department behind them as they have been quite busy since the show first aired in September. As a huge Glee fan myself,  I find the tours and record deals incredibly exciting, however I hope Mr. Schu and his class don’t  end up suffering a case of over exposure.

I’m not quite sure what to expect for Matthew Morrison’s upcoming album, but I am hoping for a poppy, yet soulful R&B sound with perhaps a few theatrics thrown in for fun. I’m also hoping for some pretty rad collabos, maybe a few from his fellow Glee cast mates? Either way, I have high expectations and I sure am hoping Morrison does not disappoint.


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