Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo’s Baby Plot Thickens

After the shock announcement on his Facebook page that he had become a father, Cristiano Ronaldo has left several questions unanswered. Chief among them is the mother’s identity, who at this point is known only to be an ˜American woman’, and how the news has affected Ronaldo’s current girlfriend.

So is Ronaldo’s baby, a son, the result of a fling or surrogacy? A Portuguese newspaper claims the superstar footballer paid an American woman to have his child, who was reportedly born during Ronaldo’s World Cup efforts in South Africa.

Then there is the issue of custody; according to his Facebook announcement, Ronaldo explains his son will be under my exclusive guardianship. At the prime of his career and just 25 years old, soccer’s hottest commodities has decided to become a single parent. It doesn’t make sense to many people “ including Ronaldo’s latest flame.

 Irina Shayk, a lingerie model from Russia, has been involved with Ronaldo since May. According to sources, she knew nothing of the birth, and told the world she was distraught via, once again, Facebook. The claims have since been denied by her camp.

 The child is reportedly in the care of Ronaldo’s family in Portugal, namely his mother and sister. But when will we know more about his secret lovechild? Though currently in Madrid sorting out professional issues, Ronaldo is set to deliver a press conference to, hopefully, clarify these personal issues.


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