Simon Cowell Quits American Idol

It’s official! After year of rumours, Simon Cowell has finally announced that this season of American Idol will be his last. It seems the famous music judge and manager will be bringing his show X-Factor across the pond to NBC next year. Cowell is not only saying goodbye to his fellow judges and host Ryan Seacrest, he will also be saying goodbye to his $36 million paycheque.

On the X-Factor, Cowell will be an executive producer as well as a judge.  The overall format of the two shows is very similar so I predict an American Idol downfall in the very near future. Without Simon’s bluntness and Paula Abdul’s antics, American Idol will be missing a lot of substance. There have been rumours floating around that Simon might be bringing Paula on to the X-Factor to be part of the judges’ panel. I definitely think X-Factor will be taking over the airways in 2011 faster than you can say Ryan Seacrest. 

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