Sherlock Holmes gets even better looking

Remember the time Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law teamed up to create the Mecca of awesome that was this December’s Sherlock Holmes?  (Of course you do.  It may not have been an Oscar winner, but it was entertaining to say the least.)

Well good news.  If you liked the first film in what promises to be a series of quality entertainment, the second instalment promises to be even better.  Why?  Because the wonder that is Daniel Day Lewis has just been cast, and if we’ve learned anything from any film he’s ever been in, anything he touches turns to gold.

The best part?  He’s playing the iconic Professor Moriarty “ Holmes’ official archenemy “ so if he hasn’t been hyped up enough (remember Rachel McAdams’ character’s memorable speech?), this character’s reached a whole new level of anticipation.  (Perhaps rivalling Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler in the upcoming Batman?  2011 blockbusters are officially on.)

So how much will Day Lewis’ role entice you to see him in action?  Sure, Nine may not have been the shining beacon of musical theatre we thought it would be, but aside from non-dramatic roles, is there anything he can’t do?  (I mean, even musical theatre “ he still sang better than Pierce Brosnon in Mamma Mia.)

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