Jessica Simpson hearts Twitter

Sometimes it seems that despite the fact that Twitter and Facebook are blatant networking tools, some people just don’t understand that Tweeting translates to everyone in the world can read what you’re typing.

Case in point: Jessica Simpson, who recently tweeted a photo of she and her boyfriend (Eric Johnson) kissing, alongside the caption Romance 101 . . . getting kissed by my Yalie . . . me not lookin’ so smart . . . 🙂 but YUM!  (So just when you thought it was bad enough, it got worse “ a lot worse.)

It’s not the fact that Ms. Simpson chose to refer to her boyfriend publicly as Yalie or include an emoticon in addition to the word yum, it’s the fact that she “ like so many other Tweeters “ have dabbled in serious over-share via the internet.

While we enjoy reading Tweets, sharing our weekend experiences or posting photos we’ve deemed hilarious, there is a line, and when that line includes PDA moments, cutesy nicknames and girly talk reserved only for those who partake in girly talk, it’s been crossed and too much information comes into effect.

And we can’t help but wonder that if it wasn’t Jessica Tweeting such questionable information, than would it be so cringe-worthy?  The country songstress hasn’t been on the radar recently (and when she is, it’s usually followed by a collar-tug), so it raises a question: would any other celebrity couple had made it better?

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