Sarah Hyland For Heart Calgon

How excited would we have been for this pairing in high school? Ah, who are we kidding — how excited are we now?

“Modern Family’s” Sarah Hyland has been announced as the face of Calgon’s new bath and body line, Heart Calgon, and understandably, she’s happy about it.

“I’m so excited to be partnering with Heart Calgon, a new collection from the iconic, ‘Take Me Away’ brand, Calgon,” Sarah said. “I love the concept of playing up different sides of my personality, so whether I’m walking the red carpet or going out for a night with friends, it’s fun to mix and match with my scents.”

The campaign will officially launch this spring, and its target demographic is young women (think Ms. Hyland’s age). Look for online videos, and an interesting approach: Sarah will take on the “personalities” of each fragrance, ranging from “fresh start,” “sweet crush,” “rock steady,” and “hot date.” Details of each — plus the campaign itself — will be on the official website, so make sure to bookmark (particularly if there are teens in your life).

“Sarah embodies the attitude of Heart Calgon and its fun, bold approach to life,” Calgon CEO and President Bob Bailey said. “We wanted to introduce Calgon to a new generation of women who are at a critical juncture between teen life and adulthood, discovering who they are, trying new beauty products as they flirt with style and ways to express themselves. Sarah Hyland is a natural fit to reach these women through fragrance and introduce them to a new brand.”

Interesting! Who knows — this might be the first step in Sarah’s commitment to the beauty and fashion worlds.

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