Sandra Choi Talks New Vision for Jimmy Choo

Sandra Choi was appointed as Jimmy Choo's new creative director earlier this year. Choi, who happens to be Choo's niece, has a very interesting vision for the future of the footwear brand. Choi says she wants to add some relaxed styles to Choo's lineup of glam. 

"It's time to give this place a shake," Choi said. "Jimmy Choo is that sexy, strappy, stiletto thing — but it can be something else, too. [The new Choo woman] doesn't need to get her hair done, and she has a sense of attitude which is, 'You know what? This is me.'" 

The brand seems to have been reawakened among A-list celebrities, who have been sporting Jimmy Choo's at red carpet events, including the Oscars and Grammy Awards and even the Inaugural Ball. Choi says the secret seems to be making people feel tall without having a noticeable platform. 

"People just love to look taller! It's an easy way of getting yourself to feel better," she said, noting that celebrities have been asking for higher and higher heels over the last decade. "What we're designing is an illusion. Often the platform is very big, but we've made it look about half its size. The visual effect is one of height and length, not a thick sole."

Choi has actually worked with the Jimmy Choo brand since 1989. However, she says she has no idea how her uncle feels about her accomplishments with his company. 

"I don't know if he's [proud of me], you'll have to ask him," she told The Telegraph. "I hope he's proud of how his name has become known around the world."


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