The Royals are Coming to Canada!

Prince William and his new wife, Catherine Middleton, are going to be paying a little visit to Canada. (To all of you that are screaming or gasping for air, I urge you to keep reading because there is MUCH more!)

The royal couple have chosen Canada as their very first international trip as a married couple and will spend nine days visiting five provinces and eight cities. Their tour will include Atlantic Canada, the Arctic, Quebec, and even the Calgary Stampede. 

Back in 1983 when Prince Charles and Princess Diana made a trip to Canada, we all kind of went a little crazy and did whatever we could to get a slight glimpse of the royals; and that includes climbing out of windows and standing on rooftops. This time around, I forsee a very similar outcome, especially considering how much excitement surrounded the royal wedding. 

The tour will kick off in July and will have William and Kate travelling to Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Quebec City, Charlotttown, Summerside, Yellowknife, and Calgary. What!? No Toronto!? 

After their nine days in Canada, the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge will be heading south to California for a two-day visit. 

“Their purpose is to strengthen the very strong ties that exist between Canada and their royal family and for the duke and the duchess to get to know Canada better,” said a royal source. However, I’m sure the Canadians are also looking forward to the amount of tourism it will bring to some of the smaller cities Will and Kate will be visiting. 

Will you be paying a visit to the royal couple this Summer? 

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