Rachel Bilson Speaks Out Against Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”

Has everyone here seen The Bling Ring? I hope so, because despite its controversies, there is so much to talk about (but especially Emma Watson announcing while casually smoking, "I wanna rob.") Rachel Bilson agrees — though as a victim of the 2008 through 2009 events, she's got a little more to say.

"I thought it was weird to glorify something that was so upsetting for a lot of people," she told Entertainmentwise. "It's important to detach from material things, but the special, personal things I lost were hard to forget."

Understandable! It's weird enough for a group of teens to break into your home and steal things, but it's even weirder to see movie stars re-enacting that in cinemas. And Bilson's O.C. co-star, MIscha Barton, also has an issue with the film — particularly her 2007 DUI arrest being used at one point.

"The whole idea of this movie, granted, I haven't seen it, creeps me out #theblingring #undeserved," she said via Twitter. "Really #sofiacoppola #theblingring my name? Shame on you."

Is it a cop-out to say I get both sides of the story? The movie was already a book, based on a Vanity Fair article — but as a victim of those crimes, obviously you're going to feel terrible re-living it again. What are your thoughts, everyone? Let's discuss.

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  1. Avatar
    • xony
    • July 7, 2013
    Mischa Barton is still a celebrity? She should be HONOURED to be even named in a film by Sofia Coppola. Besides, movies always bring back terrible and traumatic experiences that happened to regular people, why should we feel ashamed/offended only when it happens to celebrities?

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