OPI is “Great and Powerful”

This is starting to become a regular thing! And thank goodness — I don’t think any of us were exactly complaining about OPI’s 007 line. So just in time for the upcoming release of “Oz: The Great and Powerful” (not the Showtime series), OPI is launching a line of polish inspired by the film.

Slated to come out in March, the line includes seven shades, all shimmery, sparkly, and fairytale-esque, with names like “Glints of Gilda,” “When Monkeys Fly,” and “Don’t Burst My Bubble.”

True, OPI didn’t release anything ruby red or Yellow Brick Road inspired, but considering shimmer is usually ushered out for spring after holiday (who made these rules?!), a chance to keep sparkles real post-Christmas isn’t anything we’ll turn our nose up at. 

March can’t come soon enough!

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