ONEXONE and AMC Team Up to Fight Hunger

TIFF isn't just movies, parties, and standing out in the rain in hopes of getting an autograph: it's also an opportunity for communities to band together and raise money for worthy causes.

On Saturday, ONEXONE, a non-profit organization who focuses on supporting, preserving, and improving the lives of children, held an event at the AMC building (since they partnered with AMC) to help end world hunger. Actors, chefs, and influencers took turns speaking to raise awareness and to bring attention to the effects of poverty, and as TIFF would have it, the guest list was star-studded.

In attendance was ONEXONE founder Joey Adler, actor Patricia Arquette, Julie Benz, Chef David Rocco, and Kardinal Offishall, who all worked to raise awareness and stressed the importance of abolishing hunger.

"It's time we bring the discussion of food insecurity to the forefront," said Adler, before Saturday's soiree. "The idea of not having a meal to eat is a very serious reality for countless families around the world. There is no reason why hunger should exist, and the 2013 ONEXONE Annual Charity Fundraising Event is another step towards achieving our mission and preserving the lives of our children."

Frankly, it's awesome to see TIFF playing host to a charity event, especially since hunger affects millions in both our own country and the rest of the world. Here's hoping more events like this are held at festivals, where star power is abundant and can be directed towards worthy causes.

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