Old Navy Launches “Emoodji” — Get Psyched

Maybe our guide to what your favourite Emojis say about you wasn’t enough. (Although it was, and if you think it wasn’t enough, you are wrong and should feel bad for being so wrong.) Maybe you’d like to wear your mood on your feet. Well, thanks to Old Navy’s “Emoodji” site, that dream is about to become a reality.

The ‘Nav has developed a website that can/will identify your most-used Emojis, analyze them to better understand your inner workings, and then dream up your ideal summer vacation based on those feelings. (Plus, you get a free pair of flip-flops.)


According to the official press release, this is how it works: You input your social media handles, and the site will analyze the handle and serve up a heat map of the Emojis you use the most. Then, you’ll be informed about what this means to you as a person, and what your ideal summer destination is based on said findings. Fair.

The findings are shareable, and just for your trouble, you’ll get a free pair of flip-flops (if you’re one of the first 10 000 users). The rest of you? Seek solace in a $1 pair on July 4. Or, you may even win your dream vacation.

Sign up right here and now (and please send me someplace cool, Old Navy).

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