New Couple Alert: Ryan Reynolds and Agnes Fischer

It hasn’t been that long since reports hit the web that Ryan Reynolds and wife, Scarlett Johansson, would be putting an end to their 2-year marriage (less than 3 months ago, to be exact). Well, Ryan is clearly not the type of guy who likes to be single because he’s already moving on to the next one.

Ryan, 34, has been been in South Africa shooting his lastest endeavor, Safe House and spending time with none other than German model Agnes Fischer. She is said to have a small part in the movie and the two have been getting pretty chummy in their off time. 

The rumours started swirling when Agnes, 24, showed up to set to watch Ryan film a few scenes. After wrapping up the day, the pair reportedly left together. 

Well, apparently Ryan isn’t the only one who has moved on. It turns out that Scarlett, 26, has been seeing Sean Penn, 50, since last month (how did I not know about this!?). Scarlett’s rep has denied the rumours but the gossip mags are insisting that these two are, in fact, a couple, especially since they vacationed in Mexico together. It seems unlikely, and a very weird rebound choice, but whatever floats her boat, right? 

It’s gotta make you wonder though. How long had Ryan and Scarlett really been apart before they finally announced their divorce? If they’ve both already moved on from their marriage, I can only assume that they’ve been living apart for quite some time now. But, this is Hollywood we’re talking about; the love lives of celebrities rarely resemble the seeminly mundane love lives the rest of us lead. 

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