McDonalds Meets Victoria’s Secret

And as they should! 

According to Grazia magazine, before walking in last week’s highly-talked about Victoria’s Secret show, models Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevinge admitted to not abiding by the traditional “fashion cuisine” of little to nothing. In fact, they went snack-happy, as most of us would.

“I’m a model, but I eat,” said Cara after claiming she’d snuck in McDonalds and pizza the day before the show, while Jourdan said she’s been “trying to put more junk in [her] trunk because Victoria’s Secret is about celebrating a womanly body, so even I had KFC the other day.”

You go, girls! As long as everyone is eating and getting the necessary vitamins/minerals/etc., then bask — bask in the glory of french fries and ‘za.

Of course, this news is a nice break from the firestorm surrounding Victoria’s Secret’s poor choice in accessory during the show: the brand debuted a Native American headdress on one of their models, and have rightfully issued an apology after everyone with eyes called them out. Victoria’s Secret will not show the headdress in any promotional campaigns or broadcasts, and model Karlie Kloss has also apologized.

You can see the full broadcast on December 4, politically correct and everything.

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