Matthew Williamson To Team Up With Benefit

The best things in life are free, sure, but they can also be a collaboration between Benefit cosmetics and an English fashion designer.

CORRECT, friends: Matthew Williamson has teamed up with Benefit to bring us a makeup palette called The Rich is Black. (GET IT?) (Of course you do.)

According to WWD, it consists of "three neutral shimmer shadows, and a pop of teal" plus a cherry lip gloss, blus, and mascara, stored in a kaleidoscope box clad with peacock feathers and pink flowers.

The inspiration? A personal favourite of Williamson's, and the decade Benefit was born: the 1970s.

"They take a slightly irreverent, tongue-in-cheek approach," he said. "And the optimism expressed in the brand is something I like to do in my work."

You can check out the merging of irreverence and the optimism later this month at Sephora, where you can pick up the palette for $34.

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