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Marion Cotillard Designing for Dior

The latest celeb/designer collaboration

Well here’s something we didn’t necessarily see coming: Marion Cotillard will be designing for Dior. Sort of.

The actress is designing a bag for Christian Dior, where she’ll interpret her own personal take on the fashion house’s Lady Dior bag — which she is actually the face of.

As Vogue UK reports, Marion is seen wearing the brand constantly, and Dior has described the collaboration as “completely natural.” They actually also released a behind-the-scenes video of the creative process, showing just how involved Cotillard has been in the process.

“She has been the face of the Lady Dior bag since 2008, the epitome of a sophisticated and vibrant woman,” said a spokesperson in the video. “It was, of course, completely natural that Marion Cotillard would go on to design her own bag, her personal Lady Dior, as modern as it is timeless.”

Vogue UK has the full video on their site now.

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