Madonna Gets Naked

Well, we guess she chose “dare”?

Madonna bares it all for her new fragrance ad, giving a nod to her ’90s self through her controversial perfume campaign. Called, “Truth or Dare,” Madonna’s perfume claims to be “bold,” “revealing,” and “exposed,” which explains not only the photo in question, but the fact that she’s actually going by “Madonna Naked.” As in: “Truth or Dare” by Madonna Naked. (So was she naked when she made it? Or is this just a ploy? This can’t just be for publicity, IT JUST CAN’T.)

“Truth or Dare” supposedly reveals “Madonna’s inner sensual qualities” with scents like honeysuckle, peach blossom, neroli, sensual vanilla orchid, cocoa flower, and lily of the valley. As for the bottle, it keeps the same shape as the original, but “has been stripped naked to expose a beautiful amber-coloured juice.” (Also known as perfume, I think.) 

I don’t know, you guys, it really seems this whole campaign has a theme. You know, the nakedness, the “truth,” the “dare,” the sensuality . . . Hm. You can pick up a bottle for $65, and see for yourself.

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