Lena Dunham’s Fashion Series

We all watch “Girls” and we adore it, so news of a new Lena Dunahm series is understandably exciting. Even more exciting, however, is that said series will revolve around the fashion industry.

Word on the street is that the artist-also-known-as-Hannah-Horvath is teaming up with “Girls” partner Jenni Konner for, “All Dressed Up and Everywhere To Go,” a show based on the upcoming memoir of 85-year-old Betty Halbreich, shopper for Bergdof Goodman.

Halbreich was actually the person responsible for launching the personal shopping service for the store in 1976, and has since gone on to dress A-listers like Meryl Streep (according to Vogue UK). She also contributed greatly to the “Sex and the City” wardrobes, in conjunction with the show’s stylist Patricia Field.

However, the project is still in the early stages of development, so all anyone knows is that HBO is confirming rights to Betty’s memoir, and that Lena Dunahm is involved.

But whatever — let’s get psyched!


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