LaLohan: Hoarder?

In an oh-so-sincere interview with The Insider, troubled trainwreck Lindsay Lohan confesses to being a hoarder.

Video footage shows the inside of the 23-year old’s mansion stocked with shoeboxes and clothes up to the ceiling. Notice unlike other hoarders (cough, real hoarders), Lohan’s house is filled with SWAG and designer gear. Not garbage.

I just need to get rid of stuff, Lindsay explains. That’s personal stuff that I have to, you know, work on.

I guess that’s one thing to add to the list.

I’m sorry, is anybody really buying this? It’s as if Lindsay Lohan and Tila Tequila are in some sort of competition to divulge the most inner secrets to garner headlines. As the popular A & E show Hoarders demonstrates, hoarding is a real mental illness. I find it hard to believe Lohan is genuinely incapable of parting with these possessions. And of course, her situation is so serious she just had to seek help in front of a camera crew. Faking or developing a condition for media attention is a new low, ever for Lohan. But given her track record of publicity stunts, it’s one I think she’s willing to stoop to.

But as they say, let he without sin cast the first stone. Heck, I’m sure if I had thirty plus pairs of Badgely Mischka pumps, I’d be in no hurry to part with them either. 

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