Kristen Stewart Heads Back to School

Kristen Stewart is heading back to school. The actress enrolled at the University of California to complete a course in English literature. 

K-Stew fans need not fret, it seems as though the actress is just taking the one course and will be doing distance-learning, which means she can complete assignments remotely to continue with her often hectic filming schedule. 

"She is already considering a life after film. She never got to complete college and she wants to get a proper education," said an anonymous source. "She is a voracious reader and cannot wait to get going on her correspondence course. It won't be easy and it will mean putting in some fairly strenuous hours. But once she's graduated, Kristen will be able to do almost anything she wants, in or out of Hollywood. 

If the reports are true, the 23-year-old will be following in the footsteps of celebrities like Emma Watson, Lily Cole and Tyra Banks who all sought out a post-secondary education after becoming famous. 

What do you think of Stewart's latest life choice? 

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