Kim Kardashian was Voted the Most Annoying Celebrity

Kim Kardashian has been voted the Most Annoying Celebrity. In a recent poll conducted by Parade Magazine and omg!, the fashionista was put up against other celebrities that people seem to be tired of hearing and reading about.

With Kim’s recent royal-esque wedding to her husband Kris Humphries, and the constant tabloid banter about her, people seem to want a break from the reality star.

“Everywhere you look, there seems to be a Kardashian. Famous for being famous, Kim, in particular, has been inescapable, with her recent wedding and honeymoon reported just about everywhere, said. Perhaps all that exposure is why she earned the title of Most Annoying Celebrity in our poll, with 29 per cent of the vote.”

In the poll with Kim was Brad Womack of The Bachelor, Donald Trump, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, and Charlie Sheen. Kim took 29 per cent of the vote, with Charlie Sheen just behind her with 27 per cent of the vote.

Snooki came in as the third Most Annoying Celebrity with 21 per cent of the vote, followed by Lindsay Lohan at 16 per cent. It seems most people find both Donald Trump and Brad Womack pretty tolerable because they came in right at the bottom of the poll; Donald at 5 per cent and Brad at 1 per cent.

Aside from the most annoying celebrity, Jennifer Lopez was voted as the Most Replaceable Judge, which was actually followed closely by her American Idol co-judge, Steven Tyler. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett were voted as the Coolest Couple, beating Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner by just 1 per cent.

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