Kim Kardashian to Design Babywear

Kim Kardashian is reportedly working on a new line of baby clothes. In true Kim Kardashian form, the reality star has apparently realized the earning potential from creating babywear, using her unborn child has inspiration for the new endeavor.

Kris [Jenner] and Kim can’t believe they’ve never thought of this before, but they would love to produce baby clothes, a source told Radar Online.

With another Kardashian sister, Kourtney, having already birthed two children, it’s surprising that the rest of the clan hadn’t already thought of getting into the baby business.

It clicked for Kim when she started looking at designer pieces for her own baby and saw nothing that really grabbed her and was cost effective, the source continued.

According to the source, Kim and Kris would expand their current Kardashian Kollection by adding baby clothes and a maternity line for expectant moms who don’t want to lose their fashion sense. The plan is to make this line affordable, since these clothes only get worn for a few months before they are no longer useful. Adding such a line to their existing collection with Sears would guarantee affordability for shoppers.

It does actually sound like quite the logical step, since Kim would be able to market the line as a new mom. But something about the Kardashians just rubs me the wrong way.

Is anyone else picturing Kris and Kim smirking evilly with animated dollar signs bulging out of their eyes?

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