Kelly Osbourne to Release First Clothing Line

Kelly Osbourne is finally launching her own clothing line. The Fashion Police host is gearing up to release 13 new look for Stories…by Kelly Osbourne on HSN on September 25th. She'll also be launching an accompanying website were fans of her fashion brand can share photos and stories about how and where they wore her looks. 

“I believe that every time you wear something, you have a story of where you wore it, whether it be good or bad,” Osbourne told WWD. “What made me realize this was when I was going through my closet and I was like, ‘Oh, I wore those shoes on stage every day when I was in Chicago,’ and ‘I wore that dress to my friend’s funeral,’ and, ‘Oh my gosh, I wore that skirt on a date and it still has a stain on it from where I fell off the steps because he tried to kiss me, I didn’t want to kiss him and I broke my wrist. I can’t get rid of that.’ Like, there are all these funny emotional attachments.”

Osbourne was so enamored with the name of her fashion line that she had it tattooed on the left side of her head (as seen in the photo above). The line itself is a bit off-kilter. with influences from Betsey Johnson and Kim Jones. 

The collection includes everything from black-and-white polka dots to union jack prints and sequins. All the items have a bit of stretch in them to perfectly fit hourglass figures. They also have shoulder pads and tummy-tightening panels. Most of the items can be washed at home. 

“Because I have been everything from a size 0 to pretty much almost a 16, depending on the brand, it made me realize all the tricks I had learned to cover up certain areas or to detract from certain areas, and what I like in clothing,” Osbourne said.

The reality starlet also wanted to ensure that her clothes were built for every body type. Each item comes in sizes 0 to 24.

“It’s really unfair that America has this disillusion that the most common size is size 14, and that’s only because that’s as big as most fashion designers go.”

Following the HSN launch, Stories…by Kelly Osbourne will be available for purchase online at She's already thinking about a possible holiday collection and accessories like handbags and shoes for next summer. 

“My collection is called Chapter One and then we’ll go onto Chapter Two as we develop,” Osbourne said. “My mission is not to be the number-one fashion designer in the world. I’m not trying to change or come up with anything that people haven’t already done. I’m just trying to make fashion fair and make good quality basics available to all women.”

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