Kate Moss Teams Up With St. Tropez

Yes, it's nice out, and there's sun, and it's shining, but you and I both know that an actual tan is one of the worst things ever for your skin. However, despite that, most people aren't into the freakishly pale aesthetic I have come to embrace and know, and that's totally cool — that's why tans-in-a-bottle exist, or more specifically, a line of self-tanners that Kate Moss now represents.

Correct: Kate Moss is now the face of St. Tropez, in their first-ever global campaign.

"We're absolutely thrilled that Kate Moss has chosen to work with us on our new campaign: it gives us the ultimate stamp of approval on the quality of all our products," said CEO of PZ Cussons Beauty (who own St. Tropez), Michelle Feeney said. "Kate epitomizes St. Tropez's naturally glamourous approach to self-tanning and is a long-time advocate of the brand. Not only is she beautiful, but she has this amazing attitude. St. Tropez is all about confidence."

Moss is equally stoked.

"I'm so excited to be working with St. Tropez," she added. "I've been using the products since they started, and it's a really trustworthy, cool brand. I always feel more confident with a St. Tropez tan!"

And shout-out to safe tans as opposed to baking under UV. To add to the buzz, St. Tropez is also kicking off a contest that goes hand-in-hand with the campaign: whenever someone's wearing St. Tropez, the brand encourages them to tweet #OFFTOSTTROPEZ for a chance to win prizes (including a trip to St. Tropez). And remember: when you are out in the sun (because I mean, come on, it's summer), load up on SPF since no glow is worth the damage risk.

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