People You NEED to Follow on Instagram

If you see someone on their phone, chances are they are on Instagram. It has become an obsession between photo sharing lovers and even fashion addicts, following all the 'it' celebs. This new social media craze is taking over our phones even before Facebook sometimes! So who is your favourite person to follow? Below is a list of must see celeb accounts…


For the most amazing stylish people… 29Secrets (HA!)
Ok we had to but seriously follow our Instagram for a look into our amazing HQ in Toronto and daily fashion pictures. We love all of our followers and only give you the BEST look into our lives and the fashion world! Click here to see more 🙂

For the naughty side of you… Rihanna
RiRi has an insane amount of followers… 7.2 Million to be exact. Thats right. 7.2 Million of this world (including me!) are seeing every naked picture, ever strange caption and every picture with on-again-off-again boyfriend, Chris Brown. This bad girl never dissapoints in the social media world.

For the deep side of you… Oprah
Her 1.4 Million followers are awaiting every new picture of her beloved dogs or to simply catch a glimpse inside the TV show host's personal life. The big O shows you her daily adventures and even poses beside her famous friends like Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Tyler Perry.

For the fashion addict in you… June Ambrose
Beyonce's best friend, fashion designer and Jay Z's stylist is growing her following as we speak (with 238 thousand followers!) Daily photo's of her latest buy will make your head spin with envy! This lady knows what up when it comes to what to wear and how to make you fall in love with fashion!

For the inspiring model inside of you… Cara Delevigne
This 20 year old chic is the hottest chic right now. Arguably the most in demand model right now, Delevignes potfolio includes Burberry, DKNY and Chanel. Wow. With 1.4 Million of us drolling over every picture, there is no stopping this free spirited it girl. Doesn't hurt when your bestie is Rita Ora either now does it…

For all of us FIERCE ladies… Beyonce
You know we've all done it, thinking we sound JUST like B as we belt out Single Ladies. Truth is, this girl is exploding with talent! 3.8 Million followers later and we are all trying awaiting every new backstage picture and maybe even a cameo from Blue Ivy? This girl is definitely the whole package.

For the stylish mother… Fashion Kids
These kids definitely got it from their mama! The most stylish kids get their faces on this adorable page by rocking patterned pants and the cutest little fedoras. Need some inspiration for your child’s summer wardrobe? Look no further!


images taken from Instagram

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