Cut It Out! This Season’s Sexy Trend

What was once a more risqué© look saved for youth or more rebellious dressers is now a wardrobe staple. Throughout history the cut-out has been spotted on the streets and film from time to time—think Pretty Woman, before the makeover—but the trend particularly gained momentum when celebrities like Emma Stone and Rihanna started sporting them casually. While we love the cut-out style, there are certain peek-a-boo locations that are more flattering and appropriate than others. We’ve outlined a list of four cut-out places that keep us happy and put together.


Shoulder: The unexpected shoulder location shows just enough skin to stir up intrigue. It’s sophisticated but still illustrates a little sex appeal. Unless you work in the fashion industry, it’s best to save it for five to nine. Make sure cuts are quite minimal; you should only see a small slit of skin peeking through. If you have long locks, throw them up in a messy bun so everyone can get a good glimpse at your efforts.

Skirt: The skirt is a modern-day way to introduce cut-outs into your wardrobe. It was popularized early this year wowing spectators at designer Christopher Kane’s 2014 resort runway show. Kane’s brilliance was exhibited in his style of the cut-out: at the hemline with guipure (heavy, large-patterned lace held together by large connecting stitches). Due to the drama of the skirt, couple it with something simple—you could even go as basic as a band tee.

Back: Often overdone but totally wear-worthy, the back cut-out is bold. It’s a little more challenging to wear due to bra coordination, but when you find the perfect one—or not perfect, because a little bra showing has become oh so Carrie Bradshaw—it can dominate the room. When searching for a top or dress with an open back, look for a piece that has elements of traditionalism to juxtapose the sultry seduction—imagine boat necklines or long sleeves. To complete the look, be sure to exfoliate back skin, as all eyes will be on you.

Shoes: Take the trend in baby steps with perforated shoes. For summer days, you can try it with flats saturated in sugary shades or muted neutrals. For warm-weather evenings, kick off the night in an open boot—if you can’t buy Balenciaga’s buckle boot, find ones that mimic their design. They’re edgy, high fashion and unfortunately a one- or two-season purchase in Canada so wear them as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to pair with sheer, above-the-ankle socks for a look that’s right off the runway.

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