Roberto Cavalli Thinks Kate Middleton Should Be “Sexy”

Roberto Cavalli, here's the thing about the word "should": maybe avoid using it when it comes to talking about the "sexiness" of Kate Middleton. (Or any woman, really, but that's a discussion for another day.)

At his Harrod's launch this week, the designer spoke to Vogue UK about the pregnant Duchess, and gave his two cents about her look.

"A princess should be sexy," he said. "She is young, she is beautiful — I would like to create something special for her, but nothing too bold. I would like to prove to the world that Roberto Cavalli can dress a princess. Maybe I would use a print, keeping it young, sophisticated, and sexy. Just because you are a queen or a princess doesn't mean you can't be sexy."

But Roberto Cavalli, don't you know the definition of "sexy" changes from person to person? (I'm assuming not.) However, as for who lives up to his standards, there's Victoria Beckham, who he graciously sang the praises of.

"Victoria Beckham — she's in  my heart," he said. "I have known her and David for man years, but now we don't speak as much now that she is so busy with her own label. But I remember when she asked me to design the Spice Girls costumes for the reunion in 2008, I was so surprised and pleased because I really didn't like the competition — Dolce & Gabbana."

"When someone wears a dress really well, I describe them as an actress of fashion, rather than a model," he continued. "That's what Victoria is — an actress of clothes because she interprets what she wears really well."

Maybe that's what Kate Middleton's doing too, though, Mr. Cavalli. If you've got your own style, run with it, after all.

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