Kate Middleton Has a $55,000 Wardrobe Budget

Kate Middleton is known for her keen fashion sense and is always making headlines for her choice of outfit. This time, Middleton is making headlines because of just how much the Duchess of Cambridge spends on her clothes.

The reports come from Prince Charles, who is getting ready to reveal his yearly expenses. In his budget, he has allocated $55,000 a year on Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, as long as the items are for work engagements.

However, that $55,000 is just a portion of what the Duchess actually spends on her wardrobe. According to reports, all of the clothes Middleton has worn in the past 12 months cost her more than $160,000.

The Daily Mail put together a list of every item of clothing Middleton has worn in the last year, and the list is actually a combination of high-end designer pieces and things you can find at the mall. It is clear that the Duchess is a fan of Alexander McQueen, but she also enjoys shopping at Zara. And it seems she prefers to wear a dress over any other item of clothing. See the entire list here.

Do you think Middleton spends too much on her wardrobe?

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