Jennifer Lawrence Goes Dark!

Get it? Roots! Because of the hair dye… oh, forget it.

But in addition to winning an Academy Award on Sunday — and warming our hearts even more — Jennifer Lawrence has made headlines this week for committing once more to her Katniss Everdeen role. Read: she’s dyed her hair dark again.

True, this isn’t the biggest news when comparing it to her meeting with Jack Nicholson (in which he compared her to one of his ex girlfriends), but it does prove that “The Hunger Games” sequel is well underway, and we’ll be treated to “Catching Fire” before we know it.

Elle UK reports that Lawrence was in good spirits yesterday (as she should be) as she chatted with salon staff and told them she was heading to Hawaii to begin filming.

More “Hunger Games” AND an Academy Award. Frankly, we are all winners now. 

You can check out Jennifer’s new hair here.

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