Jason Segel Displays his Love for Michelle Williams

It looks like things are going really well for Jason Segel and his girlfriend Michelle Williams. The actor was seen arriving to his Los Angeles home after taping a segment for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with his iPhone in hand. On the back of his phone, Segel has taped pictures of Williams with I love you written around the photos.

The photographs seem to be from a sticker photo booth. In the photographs, Williams blows a kiss to Segel and wears black glasses with a red bow in cartoon-style poses.

Despite Segel living in Los Angeles and Williams living in New York, a source said the couple are trying to make it work. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time.

Another source says that Heath Ledger’s death was very hard on Williams and she hasn’t been linked romantically to anyone until she began dating Segel.

She is a romantic and always felt partly responsible for not being able to help Heath, the source said.

Another friend of Williams said Segel is the perfect guy for her.

Jason has already shown her his commitment to her.

Personally, I think Segel and Williams should win the award for Hollywood’s cutest couple. Apparently, they are both completely smitten with each other and it’s about time Williams found a new man after all the heartbreak she has had to endure.

Do you think Williams and Segel will last?

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