James Franco Directs a Short Film for Gucci Techno Color Campaign

Do you like Gucci? Do you like James Franco? Then today, my friend, is for you: the actor has directed a short film for the Gucci Techno Color campaign, and stars in it too. 

Shot at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, the film revolves around "a charming game of seduction between James Franco and a beautiful woman, the model Natalia Bonifacci, with their eyes subtly intensified by the vivid shades of Gucci Techno Color sunglasses." Also, they make out in front of a billboard — so there's that.

The couple obviously spend the whole film wearing glasses, and meanwhile, the collection itself is described as "a blend of sensuality and lightness, with a glam twist." So while I've never been to the Chateau Marmont, I'm sure that's exactly what it's like there.

As for the glasses' technology: it was developed in the '80 by Safilo Group and re-interpreted today in lighter colours (which range from the purple to yellow spectrum). You can pick up the glasses anytime, since they're available now.

No word if at any point during filming, James Franco messaged any other 17-year-old girls.

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