It’s Official: Marc Jacobs Heads to Sephora!

Ah, spring. A time of new products and designer collaborations, and all of us reaping the benefits from both things equally.

Enter: Marc Jacobs, who had been rumoured to be collaborating with Sephora for a new beauty line, but whose official stance on the project had yet to be confirmed. Well, consider this his confirmation.

While it won’t officially hit shelves until fall of this year, Marc Jacobs’ Sephora beauty line is on the way, and has been progressing nicely since it was announced in April of last year. Fashionista got the scoop.

“I always wonder, ‘Is there really going to be something else [other than fashion] that we’re going to do that I’m going to sit through and enjoy?'” he told them, regarding the beauty endeavour. “I get jaded, then I get excited all over again.”

As for other details, they remain shrouded in mystery — for now. We still have about eight months of speculation to go, but if there’s one thing we can deduce from the fashion and beauty industries, we won’t be left wanting for long.

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