H&M To Launch Luxury Brand?

Sure, you’d line up for hours to get H&M’s most recent designer collaboration, but would you do the same for an H&M luxury brand?

Rumour has it the chain hopes so: a Swedish newspaper has reported that H&M is working on a new project, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

“We are constantly looking at new ideas,” H&M spokesperson Charlotta Nemlin told WWD. “It’s a natural part of our work. However, there is nothing new we can talk about at the moment.”

(Note that she says “can talk.” As in . . . “are not allowed?” Hm.)

But the rumour has some specifics to it. Reports also claimed that the H&M luxury line would likely involve Behnaz Aram, who currently runs “New Business” at H&M and oversees outside brands like Cheap Monday. That, and H&M have already stretched their designer wings. On top of collaborations with the likes of Lanvin and Marni, H&M’s “Exclusive Conscious” pieces have been embraced by Michelle Williams and Amanda Seyfried, who’ve worn them on the red carpet.

Only time will tell. But until then, maybe start saving for some new H&M designer wear just in case.

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