It’s Happening: Online Shopping At Club Monaco

The time has come: Club Monaco Canada will finally launch online shopping.

Thanks to an email to all Club Monaco subscribers sent this morning, fans of the brand were the first to know that if you “LIKE” the chain’s Facbeook page, you will be privvy to shop details.

This news comes after Club Monaco announced on March 7 that online shopping was imminent, but other than a “coming soon” promise, brand aficionados were left in the dark.

As of today, online shopping as been available to US Club Monaco customers, but Canada is still waiting patiently for a chance to peruse Club Monaco in their pajamas from their laptops.  Now, if you like them on Facebook, you’ll have a chance to check out the online shop before anyone else. (Or you could move to the States if you’re not willing to wait until the Canadian launch.)

Kidding. (Maybe.)


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