Seth Cohen is Marrying Blair Waldorf!

Alright, you guys, I don't know whose early Christmas wish this was, but thank you because some of us really deserved something magical. Are you ready? Sitting down? Holding onto Captain Oats? Perfect.

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are engaged. 

And how wonderful is this? (Very.) According to the Star, the couple have opted to take the plunge, and that while Adam's proposal reportedly came out of nowhere, sources (who are these sources — one day we will all find out) say the two are "crazy about each other and have talked about getting married eventually."

"But she had no idea he would propose so soon!" they continued. "It was the surprise of her life and she's ecstatic!"

Well there you go, then! And honestly, considering Chuck Bass was really the worst, and Summer and Seth happened almost ten years ago (it's time to get over it, us — we're not teens anymore), this is truly a blessing to anybody who holds pop culture dear. The only thing better would be a real-life romance between Corey Matthews and Topanga. But we got a TV show spin-off, so really, the world is just and kind.

Congratulations to Seth and Blair, and may you invite me to the wedding, please, I will eat all the shrimp cocktails.

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