Lady Gaga Reveals Born This Way Album Cover

It seems that Lady Gaga and her people have been taking a few notes from Britney Spears, who has been creating a lot of anticipation for her upcoming album. Just recently, Gaga released the lyrics to her upcoming single, “Born This Way,” from her third album of the same name. Now Gaga has released the album art for the single and has pushed up the release date. 

The “Born This Way” album cover features a seemingly nude Gaga (surprise surprise!), showing off a few of her tattoos and sporting big hair, black lipstick and a lot of black eye-liner. To top off what can be considered as simplicity for Gaga, the album art also shows her with “supernatural” bumps protruding from her face and shoulder. 

Can’t wait any longer, Lady Gaga tweeted yesterday. It has been in my heart for over a year. I’m so excited to share it.

I was hoping, since the title of the song is “Born This Way,” that Gaga’s album cover would be a very simple, stripped down version of herself, minus all the gimmicks. I enjoy her music as much as the next person, but I’m starting to become bored with her antics. While she comes off as weird and unpredictable, her style has become incredibly predictable. I think it’s time for a change. 

“Born This Way” was originally set to be released on February 13th, but has now moved up to February 11th. Gaga’s third studio album with the same name is set to be released on May 23rd. 

The album cover was shot by British photographer, Nick Knight. 

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