Get Ready for Farmer Chris!

FARMER CHRIS IS BACK! After the hottest farmer we ever did see was brutally rebuffed by Andi, he’s back, being dubbed “Prince Farming” for what promises to be a super dramatic season (one can hope). To start off, there are 30 ladies competing for Farmer Chris’ heart—the most the show has ever seen, and with more gals comes much more drama.

Another big change for this season is that the crew won’t be jetsetting around the world like we’re used to seeing. Part of Farmer Chris’ requirements for a wifey is having a woman who is down for that farmer life—tractor and all. What better way to find out how comfortable they are having dinner on the table by 5 everyday than roughing it in small-town Idaho (population 427)? While we’re sure there will be some sort of envy-inducing trips, rumour has it, the bulk of this season will take place in the States so Farmer Chris can really see who can handle his lifestyle.

Based on the promos that The Bachelor has on their Youtube page, there’s a whole lotta crying going on (good thing we keep count every episode—perhaps this season we should have a running tally for each woman and crown a reigning champ?) and one thing we haven’t seen in a long time—or ever, for that matter: A PREGNANCY TEST. Who took the test? Who’s the potential baby daddy? We have so many questions, though we can probably bet that Farmer Chris, the perfect gentleman isn’t taking late-night ocean swims and knocking girls up in the process. We’ll just have to watch on and see.

As for the ladies… Man, that’s a lot of blonde. Based on some of their bios, it seems like we already have some of the jokes writing themselves, though Farmer Chris may have an instant soul mate with Bachelorette Amanda who has a thing for guys who write her romantic letters. Don’t worry, Chris. Andi may not have liked it, but maybe Amanda will fall head over heels! As for the rest of them… well, let’s just say we’re interested to see who actually pans out to being normal.

Stay tuned for our full recap of the three-hour season premiere, airing Monday, January 5 at 8pm. 

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  1. Avatar
    • Kirsten (in love with farmer Chris)
    • January 6, 2015
    I just hope you find the right gal for you Chris, but I’m much too young:( but I’m hopeing to be able to meet u!!:)

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