First Look: COVERGIRL’S “Catching Fire” Line

It's almost here! The Hunger Games second installment Catching Fire comes out on November 22, but first, COVERGIRL's Catching Fire cosmetics line, has released their campaign images. 

Here's the cool part: the brand's campaign is being released on a district-based level. For example, the images they've released so far represent District 4, "Fishing," and District 1, "Luxury." On the way are "Lumber," "Power," "Coal," and "Livestock," (leaving room for six more), which will all be released on the official COVERGIRL Facebook page

However, these looks are far more than cosmetic. Since COVERGIRL has partnered with the movie franchise, each look will embody a coutoured, Capitol-okay'd re-interpretation, as well as an extensive wardrobe. COVERGIRL Capitol's makeup artist, Dotti, mastered each look with the Flamed Out collection, which we can all pick up in the Fall (and use while we weep it all off while watching Catching Fire).

Meanwhile, hype for the movie itself is high, especially since the date of the world premiere was just released yesterday. Now 99 days away, Catching Fire will hold its debut in London on November 11, where the masses will celebrate the victors (before the victors are forced to compete once again). At least you've got plenty of time to start perfecting each Catching Fire aesthetic — especially the dramatic lips which, even if we you aren't jazzed about Katniss and friends, is still a perfect autumn look.

May the odds be forever in your favour.

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