The ‘Fashion Police’ Drama Continues

The Fashion Police's Giuliana Rancic made some unsavory (and super racist) comments about singer/actress Zendaya's hair at the Oscar's on Sunday night. After issuing a public apology, Zendaya accepted, saying she was glad it was a "learning experience." But the drama isn't over just yet. 

Co-host Kelly Osbourne was thrown under the bus with Rancic, with false reports stating that she added the "or maybe weed" comment to the end of Rancic's statement, in which she said Zendaya's dreadlocks look like they smell like "patchouli oil." But the entire comment was made by Rancic herself, and Osbourne isn't very pleased with how this whole situation panned out. 

"I did not make the weed comment," she wrote on Twitter, using all caps. "I do not condone racism so as a result of this I'm seriously questioning staying on the show!" 

After the apologies were made, she took to Twitter again to praise both Rancic and Zendaya. "It takes a strong woman to apologize & makes a forgiving woman even stronger! #ThisTooShallPass." 

But it turns out that Osbourne may have tried to stop the comments from making it to air. Previous reports suggested that they did three takes of the segment, with Rancic making the same comments about Zendaya's hair each time and as Osbourne continuously pointed out how racist the comments were. A rep for E!, however, told US Weekly that they only did one take, but Osbourne did tell the group that Zendaya was a friend of hers. Producers decided to air the clip anyway. 

There are other reports swirling around the rumour mill suggesting that Rancic might event get fired for her comments. I'm taking this with a grain of salt (because, you know, rumours), but I also wouldn't be surprised if it was announced at the end of the season that Rancic wouldn't be returning to the show. 

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